A Fisherman's Advice

The summer’s now in full swing, and here is some sound advice from Hayden in Rockford, Michigan, who enters our story contest in the K-8 group in the fishing story category. Hayden, who is 9, writes: “This story has a nine year old’s fishing advice.” And great advice it is! You, too, can enter the contest today. 

Here’s Hayden’s story:

I have been fishing a lot on Lake Michigan.  I would go when the water is calm and cold.  Otherwise you are probably just practicing casting.  The fish seem to like cold, deep, calm water.

When fishing in Ludington, I recommend fishing in the morning.  I caught a lot of perch and blue gill in the morning.  I think it was because the water was calm and cold.  We threw them all back so we could catch them in a few years when they are bigger.

I sure do like fishing in Lake Michigan.  I would be bummed out if I couldn’t fish there.  There would be steam coming out of my ears.  Please protect the Great Lakes.

Great advice, Hayden. If you want to protect the Great Lakes to preserve fishing opportunities, here’s how you can get involved.

It’s not too late to enter the story contest. You can enter today!

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