Word on the Street

Even before Barack Obama won last night, he had teams of people planning for his 76-day transition. Word on the streets of Chicago and Washington is that Illinois Democrat Rahm Emanuel is on Obama’s short list for the Chief-of-Staff position.

This is the same man who stood before HOW a little more than a year ago and implored us to make this Presidential election about the Great Lakes. The same man who said he would do everything in his power to get the $26 billion into law that we need to heal and revive the lakes. Now, the Washington Post writes that this same man is “expected” to be named by Obama to one of the most influential posts in the nation.

These next days are really important for HOW to let President Elect Obama know that we meant it when we said the Lakes are our vote and that we expect him to live up to his promise to make restoration a priority. Obama promised to appoint a Great Lakes Czar to manage the restoration – HOW needs to be sure this promise is fulfilled and that the Czar chosen will bring about complete restoration. As Obama said last night in his acceptance speech –“Yes, we can.”

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