Wild Waves – Grand Haven

stacyniedzwiecki2007-08-20photoadultwildwaves-webres.jpg This photo comes to us from Stacy of Rockford, Michigan. She writes:

“The Great Lakes are an amazing example of power. People living around the Lakes also have amazing power – the power to change their way of thinking. We only have one set of Great Lakes. Use your power to take a stand against those who would pollute our precious water resources. Help protect our natural resources before they are swept away, never to return.

The photo was taken on October 13, 2006 during a very early season storm. The wind gusts were clocked at 65 mph+ at Grand Haven State Park. I took the image with a large zoom lens while lying on top of a picnic table to shield myself from the blowing sand.”

Thanks, Stacy, for sharing this wonderful photo!

Get involved to protect our lakes, our public health, our drinking water, our economy, and our way of life. Click here – It is easy to get involved.

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One Response to Wild Waves – Grand Haven

  1. kim says:

    This photograph is amazing! The contrast of the red against the white of the waves make it really stand out. and the fact that she caught it the moment before impact shows an true artistic eye! Thanks for sharing this photo!