White House Welcomes A Meeting With Great Lakes Governors

Today, the White House responded positively to the Great Lakes Governors request for a summit on the Asian carp threat.

“While we have been working with state officials on an ongoing basis, we would welcome a meeting with Great Lakes Governors to address the threat of Asian carp and continued support for the work of the Regional Coordinating Committee,” an Administration Official told this reporter.

After carp eDNA was found beyond the electronic barrier, the Administration and Great Lakes Congressional Delegation freed up funds to help block the carp from entering the lakes. At the same time, Michigan and five other Great Lakes states took legal channels to try and force Illinois to close the locks while coming up with a more permanent solution to stop the carp. The Administration reacted negatively to the legal challenge offering a friend of the court brief in support of Illinois and keeping the locks open. When the US Supreme Court failed to invoke and injunction to close the locks, and carp eDNA was located at the mouth of Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes Governors requested a meeting at the White House to discuss solutions.

“Coordinating efforts across all levels of government to defeat Asian carp is one of our immediate priorities. This regional coordination led to a successful rapid response last month and moving forward, we will build on that foundation for planning immediate and long-term actions,” the same Administration Official stated.

So, looks like the Great Lakes Governors need to call the White House Appointment Secretary and take the President up on this offer by setting up a meeting!

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