Where the Cheboygan River Meets Lake Huron

jeanannproctor2007-07-09photocatadultwebresolution.JPGThis photo comes to us from Jean in Holt, Mich.

She writes: “Photo was taken where the Cheboygan River meets Lake Huron. We raised a family in Cheboygan for 23 years and relaxation was throwing a line out and watching the sun set. The old dock pilings were an excellent cover for walleye, bass, perch, and even freshwater drum, to name a few. However wonderful the times, catching and releasing these fish, nothing can change the fact that alien species such as lamprey changed our fishing prospects.”
Thanks, Jean. You’re right about invasive species. You can read more about invasive species here.

You can also take action to restore the Great Lakes and protect our economy, drinking water and way of life.

And don’t stop there! If you want to share a photo, we’d love to see it. Enter our Great Lakes story and photo contest today!

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