What Would Romney Do?

Wonder what it is like to be Mitt Romney today? Well, for starters,  Iowa put the “WAHOO” back in his cheerios when they handed him the straw poll victory. The win provides Romney with additional momentum as he strives to win the Republican nomination and then the Presidency in 2008. Romney, former Massachusetts Governor and Brigham Young graduate, is a native of Michigan. His father, George Romney was Michigan’s governor (1963-1969), ran for President in ’68 and his mother ran unsuccessfully for a Senate seat. That amounts to a Michigan political dynasty of sorts – and might lead some to assume that such elaborate ties to a Great Lake state would mean Romney has a unique appreciation for the Lakes. If not, at least he was recently governor of one of the most politically liberal states in the US, and that might mean he leans green, right? Well, we certainly can’t tell from his campaign site  since it is overtly silent on the Lakes and environmental issues as a whole. That is, unless you consider advocating for drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or the Outer Continental Shelf for oil an indication of someone interested in conserving natural resources such as the Great Lakes.

Romney will be speaking in Indianapolis on August 24, 2007 for the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference at the  Indianapolis Convention Center (Sen. Fred Thompson is also scheduled to speak). If you live nearby, maybe you can attend and ask Romney if he harbors any nostalgia for the Lakes. If you have a minute to call, email or write Romney’s campaign staff, perhaps you can encourage him to take a stand on the Great Lakes at this upcoming event.  

For those interested in following the money, click here to view Romney’s financial disclosure filing.

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