Storm of the century

This story comes from Taj Bracko of Rochester, MN who says, “Storm Of The Century is about these 2 best friends, Jenny and Alexa, that go cruising every week together. But one day while cruising, something goes wrong. What will happen to Jenny and Alexa? Find out in this book.”

Storm of the century

Jenny has been to the ocean plenty of times with her best friend, Alexa. Every week they went cruising down by the horizon. “Isn’t it beautiful?”, she said whenever they got close enough to actually see most of the sunset. “Yes, it is beautiful.”, Alexa replied.

Alexa and Jenny had been friends for years and every week on that one special day, they went cruising. They always had fun. Sometimes they even slept on the boat! But then came a storm one day as they were cruising. They were perfectly fine. In the nice, warm heat. They didn’t feel that any storm could possibly come.

But out of nowhere it started to rain. At first it was just sprinkling itty, bitty dots. So they didnt worry much, except for Alexa. She was so worried about what would happen she started to turn the boat around.

“What are you doing, Alexa? Dont turn the boat around we’re almost there!” Jenny shouted.
“Jenny, its starting to rain, we cant be out here when it rains!!” Alexa screamed back. They started an argument…

“Alexa, TURN BACK AROUND!!!!! Its just sprinkling!!!!” But right after jenny said that it started pouring. Harder and Harder the rain came down. Throwing peices of hail down on them as big as a penny, Pushing the wind against them. “Ok, now we need to go.”They tried and tried, but the wind was too hard for them to handle. They both fainted.

Everyone loves a happy ending, but this i am sorry to say, is not a happy ending. Not for Jenny.


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