Quite A Fish

tomtorello2007-08-15photoadultlunker-webres.jpg This photo was sent to us by Tom of Oak Brook, Illinois. Tom writes: “This is a picture of a 5 lb 10 oz largemouth bass. This fish was caught last month by my 2 daughters on their very first fishing trip at a lake near our home in Plainfield.”

He goes on to explain in detail what happened the day the fish was caught: “I have been looking forward to when my daughters would be old enough to take them fishing with me. They are now 6 and 4. It was time so I bought them a Barbie kids fishing pole (you can see it in the pic) and some barbless hooks and I thought I would get their feet wet with some bluegill fishing. We were at the lake about 20 minutes without even a nibble and the girls were already getting restless. I was about ready to let them go play at the park when their bobber completely disappeared. I didn’t think much of it at first and I gave my daughter my “expert advice” on how to reel it in, told her to keep her rod tip up, etc etc. I assumed the difficulty she was having in reeling it in was due to her inexperience or the type of pole. Little did I know she was wrestling with this monster. After several minutes I told her to let her sister try. My younger daughter decided to play tug of war with the fish and she just started walking backwards away from the lake with the pole. Her technique, albeit unconventional, worked. I think by now the bass was exhausted and in a minute or so she had managed to drag it all the way up to where I could see it. I was shocked! I grabbed the line and dragged it the rest of the way. I could not believe they were able to land that fish on that little tiny pole and a barbless panfish hook. I have spent most of my life and countless thousands of dollars trying to catch a fish like that and they managed to do it in 20 minutes with a $5.99 pole. The funniest thing is that the next two fish they caught were also bass and both were over 2 lbs. The only one who caught any panfish was me. Also the bass was released to fight another day (and Daddy has been back there several times trying to catch her!).”

Thank you, Tom, for the wonderful story and photo!

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