Promise Keepers

It seems safe to assume we won’t be the only ones who will be holding President Elect Barack Obama to his promise to restore the Great Lakes, now that Great Lakes advocate Rahm Emanuel is to be White House Chief of Staff.

With great ferocity, Rahm Emanuel addressed the HOW conference in 2007, imploring us to make sure any candidate for President not only pledged to restore the Great Lakes to win our precious swing votes, but also to hold the winner to it when they took office. Lets hope Mr. Emanuel doesn’t rue the day he lit that fire under those of us who love the Lakes.

Emanuel told us that fighting for the lakes was a “natural extension” for him and he showed us it was true by twice introducing the $26 billion Great Lakes Collaboration Implementation Act while serving in the US Congress.

In a Question and Answer session with HOW, Emanuel told us: “My goal, though, is to be able to look back in 20 or 30 years and say that my favorite memory is when we were able to turn the momentum from protecting the Great Lakes to restoring them so that the ecosystem can recover and be there for my children’s children to enjoy.”

Well, Rahm, we aren’t going to forget and we aren’t going to let you forget what you told us – even if we have to remind you every day until restoration is bought and paid for once and for all!

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