Papp Says Ballast Standards Would Be His Top Priority

Vice Adm. Robert Papp, nominee to head the Coast Guard, told a US Senate panel yesterday that he wants to make national ballast standards a priority if he is confirmed.

While appearing before the US Senate Commerce Committee, Papp said he was committed to push forward the Coast Guard’s proposed ballast standards. These are the standards issued by the Coast Guard last summer and for which the public comment period closed in December 2009. They will meet current IMO standards and eventually, by 2016, be 1,000 times stricter and mimic California’s ballast standards.

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One Response to Papp Says Ballast Standards Would Be His Top Priority

  1. Don Mitchel says:

    Sad he is not interested in doing this in this decade, rather than follow the lead of the IMO, where China the biggest member and largest ship builders in the world will have the biggest influence in our policy for the first decade of the Coast Guards plan. I guess Papp dose not care that a new report for Congress suggest this would cause the cost of imported goods in our big box outlet stores of foreign goods to rise making US manufacturing more cost competative creating jobs with transparent carbon emmissions.