Mighty Mac In The Fog

seanoconnor2007-08-17photoadultbridge-webres.jpg This photo was sent to us by Sean in Royal Oak, Michigan. He writes:

“I’ve always been fascinated by both bridges and our Great Lakes. Usually, one associates the beauty of the lakes to warm, Michigan summertimes. However, the majesty of Mighty Mac and the Great Lakes took on a new level during our return trip from Skiing in the U.P. last winter. It was a cold, snowy day, and an ice fog had moved in to almost completely envelop the Mackinaw Bridge. As we crossed over the bridge into Mackinaw City, I immediately turned off the highway to try to get a better view of Mighty Mac disappearing into Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. It was an amazing sight, showing the timeless beauty of one of our state’s greatest landmarks.”

Thanks, Sean, for sharing your great photograph with all of us!

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