Memory of a Walk on the Beach

This story comes to us from Liz in Painesville, Ohio. She writes: “My story is about the time that I took my son to Mentor Headlands Park for a nice walk when he was two.”

Perhaps my fondest memory of the Great Lakes happened when my oldest son was 2. Not growing up on the Lake, I was excited that we had moved as close as Painesville. On a whim, I pulled into Mentor Headlands Park as I was passing it. It was late afternoon, right when the sun is thinking about setting. I grabbed my son, took off our shoes, and we set out for what I thought would be a simple walk on the beach. My son of course had other plans and headed straight for the water and sat down. His diaper now soaked, he turned his attention to the mounds of seagulls that had made their way to the beach. Even though I didn’t have a camera, I can still picture my son running straight into the middle of the hundreds of seagulls with a huge grin on his face and laughing maniacally. Like the Red Sea, the seagulls parted, flying off into two very distinct different directions. It was one of those images that you never forget, the sheer joy of a 2 year-old in his innocence experiencing nature.

Thanks, Liz!

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