Life In Michigan

leahneifert2007-08-10photoadultlakemichigan-webres.JPG This photo comes to us from Leah of Hudsonville, MI. She writes:

“The photo I am submitting for the Great Lakes photo competition is one that I took last week of my husband and daughter walking into Lake Michigan together. Libby said, ‘Hold my hand, Daddy. Let’s go swimming!’ They walked hand in hand into the sun’s reflection on the water and it was a beautiful sight. I only wish you could hear the giggles that accompanied the moment in the photo! I know that I will bring that picture to mind whenever someone asks me what life in Michigan is like. To me, life in Michigan IS the Great Lakes and spending time with my family enjoying them.”

Thanks, Leah, for sharing this heartwarming photo.

Get involved to protect our lakes, our public health, our drinking water, our economy, and our way of life. Click here – It is easy to get involved.

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