Laketown Beach

debdevries2007-08-20photoadultlaketownbeach-webres.jpg This particular photo was sent to us by Deb of Zeeland, Michigan. She explains:

“My daughter, son and I were enjoying a Saturday afternoon at Laketown Beach in Holland. Nicole, my daughter, and Josh, my son, were having a great time playing in the water. They saw a bottle floating in the water and ran to get it. They both were upset that someone would litter in the water. ‘Why would someone do that?’ they asked. So then, being a 4 and 7 year old, they continued to play, using the bottle as a toy. You can only imagine the looks I got from people walking past seeing my kids using a beer bottle as a toy. Little did they know that my two kids were helping save the Great Lakes by picking up unnecessary litter.”

Thank you for the great photo and story, Deb!

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