Keweenaw Peninsula

elizabethdorman2007-08-12photoadultkeweenawpeninsula-webres.jpg This particular photo was sent to us by Elizabeth of Laingsburg, MI. It is of Lake Superior, and was taken in the early months of December 2006.

Elizabeth writes: “My co-worker and I were driving all over the Keweenaw Pennisula at the very tip of the State and found the little town of Bete Grise. On this particular day the weather was not the warmest or the brightest but the sun shined at the perfect moment to catch the beams from the remains of an old pier in Bete Grise Bay. The pier was probably used back in the early 1800’s for the shipments of ore from Copper Country (Keweenaw Peninsula) to Lac La Belle to extract the precious metal. This area is known for its coastal wetlands and beach at Bete Grise, which stretches along this Lake Superior shoreline from Lac La Belle to Point Isabelle. The natural area was recently protected from a development project in 2004 that was planning to split the land along the lakeshore into small lots for lakefront homes.”

Thanks for sharing this great photo with us, Elizabeth.

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