Innovative project boosts sturgeon population

The lake sturgeon population is growing in Michigan’s  Kalamazoo River, thanks to a streamside fish-rearing facility that gives these special fish a jumpstart on life.

Volunteers and government scientists collected sturgeon eggs from the river and raised a new generation of fish in a facility stationed near the river. What made this approach unusual was that the sturgeon eggs were nurtured in tanks of water collected from the river.

Sturgeon swim in a tank of water collected from the Kalamazoo River.

Raising the fish in water from the river allows them to imprint on their native stream and, eventually, return to spawn in the Kalamazoo River. Biologists recently released 100 tiny sturgeon into the river, and more will be released this year.

The Kalamazoo River project, and a handful of others like it, could eventually bolster sturgeon populations across the Great Lakes. Read more here.



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