In the Steps of Nick Adams – Two Hearted River Flyfishing

sawyerandrewcrwebresolution.jpgThis photo comes to us from Andrew in St. Joseph, MI

He titles this photo “In the Steps of Nick Adams – Two Hearted River Flyfishing” and writes “My 13 year old son and I canoed the Two Hearted River in July of this year.  We spent our time fishing, relaxing and most of all talking.  As a father of an almost 14 year old, I know that these times won’t last forever.  High school jobs, college, and families make these trips more difficult, but this photo for me will always bring back the memories of the great times we shared on this fabulous river.  Ernest Hemingway loved and fished the Two Hearted and it was great fun to think about how he readeach log jam or hole.  He spoke of using grasshoppers to catch fish on this river, and on this day we caught a dozen trout using a foam grasshopper fly.”

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