If I Only Have Time for One Question…

So you’re at a campaign event, Presidential candidate X is wrapping up his/her stump speech, and it’s Q&A time. You recognize that the health of our economy and quality of life is inseparably linked to the health of the Great Lakes. You wisely want to get the candidate on the record in support of restoring the health of the Great Lakes. But you need it boiled down into one simple question.

Well friends, here it is. Recognizing that this scenario will surely play out for many of you in the all important swing states that surround the Great Lakes, the Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives campaign team has developed one simple question that you can ask to demand the candidates commit to the Great Lakes. Drum roll please….

“In 2005, more than 1,500 federal, state, tribal, local, and environmental leaders produced the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy, which outlines an action plan of manageable solutions to protect and restore the Great Lakes. But a lack of leadership has meant that progress in implementing the Strategy has been slow, while threats to the Great Lakes continue to mount. As president, would you commit to funding implementation of the Great Lakes Collaboration Strategy at a rate to ensure all of the identified activities have been fully funded within five years?”

There it is – please use it! Share your experience by commenting on this post. Better yet, follow in the footsteps of Grand Rapids, MI Mayor George Heartwell: have a friend bring a video camera and we’ll help you post the response on YouTube.

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