Ice Fishing in Ludington

Ice Fishing in Ludington

Albert from Byron Center, Mich., sent in this photo to Great Lakes photo contest.

Here’s what he writes:

“My wife and I went on a weekend getaway to Ludington in mid-March of 2007. The picture is of a couple fishermen on breaker wall/pier braving the wind, cold and ice. What I like about this photo is that you can tell how far away the water level is from ‘normal’.”

Thanks, Albert.

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3 Responses to Ice Fishing in Ludington

  1. Tammy Adams says:

    Wonderful shot… persistant fishermen. I love fish as much as the next person, but I’ll wait til I can put the boat in the water. Thank you for sharing this shot.


    Those die hard fishermen! If you go about 50 miles south to Muskegon you’ll see those crazy guys fishing off of the ice that is formed from the land and goes out in Lake Michigan. I tried to walk on it once with my husband, I say once because after falling twice on my behinder that was enough. Those fishermen are all about the sport. Can’t stop them!