Great Lakes Stakeholders Ask CEQ to Include Them In Asian Carp Strategy Session

Within 24 hours of Great Lakes Governors request for a White House Summit on Asian Carp, CEQ Head Nancy Sutley agreed to a meeting the first week of February. Now, HOW and other Great Lakes stakeholders are sending a letter to the White House asking to be included in the meeting.

It is essential that our entire region, our entire community be involved in creating a successful battle plan to prevent the Asian Carp from gaining a foothold in the Great Lakes.

Sutley’s invitation was extended to the Great Lakes Governors and their “designees” with the purpose of the meeting to “discuss the strategy to combat the spread of Asian carp and ensure coordination and the most effective response across all levels of government to respond to this threat.” She also invoked the great tradition we have of “regional cooperation” and asked for suggestions on how to continue this partnership.

HOW, along with numerous other Great Lakes stakeholders, have put our suggestion in writing – invite us to the war room – let us sit at the strategy-making table. Each group signing this letter has played a significant role in protecting the lakes and in trying to restore them.

“We again sincerely request a broad meeting where key stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations and tribal municipal officials, can come together around an immediate plan of action that will stop the Asian carp and protect the Great Lakes.”

If you want to sign onto this letter, please contact with your name, title, organization name no later than 3pm tomorrow.

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