Grand Haven Lighthouse

shawncavey2007-08-19photoadultlighthouse-webres.jpg This photo was sent in by Shawn of Grand Haven, Michigan. He wrote:

“This photo of the Grand Haven, MI lighthouse was taken February 20, 2007. Even though it had become brutal winter, I found myself still wandering back to the shoreline. The pier walk paths and railings had become unstable and almost invisible. Even though I wasn’t in a t-shirt and enjoying the sun, that special excitement of being at the beach was still there. Most people around the world will never experience a scene like this one. The great lakes that Lord Jesus created for us need to be respected, and cherished. Let’s keep them alive!”

Thank you very much for sharing your photo, Shawn!

Get involved to protect our lakes, our public health, our drinking water, our economy, and our way of life. Click here – It is easy to get involved.

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