Frozen Catwalk

kevinphillips2007-08-01photoadultcatwebresolution.JPG This photo was sent to us by Kevin of Troy, MI. He wrote:

“I’ve been living in Michigan for 8 years now and hadn’t seen Lake Michigan yet, so my girlfriend and I decided to take an Easter weekend road trip up the coast. The weather turned nasty on us, and we were greeted by very strong winds and snowstorms. The wineries in St. Joseph were a warm refuge, the dunes at Crystal Lake were downright otherworldly with the snow blowing over the sand and the frozen puddles left over from the previous days rain being suspended in air as the sand around them being blown away. Even farther north as the snow accumulation approached two feet, our expectations of beach scenery were exceeded by drifting snow on country roads. But nothing could beat this scene at the South Haven pier at sunset, as the wind whipped spray off the huge swells rolling in and even occasionally breaking over the pier, leaving the spray to freeze on the lighthouse catwalk, leaving no doubt as to why the catwalk had been built.”

Thanks, Kevin, for sharing this photo with us!

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