Friends Meet Again!

Friends Meet Again! This story comes to us from Donna from Fox Point, Wisconsin. She writes:

My husband and I just relocated to Wisconsin from Southern California.  We arrived in Wisconsin on July 24th.  After spending the next 10 days settling into our new home and exploring the Milwaukee area, we decided to join another couple for a nice afternoon in Port Washington.  The day was Saturday, August 4th.  Although it was breezy that day, it was still quite beautiful on the water, so we decided to take a walk to the end of the break wall.  As I was soaking in the scenery and admiring the different boats coming in and out of the harbor, I turned and spotted an old girlfriend/co-worker of mine that I haven’t seen in over 20 years.  Her name is also Donna.  Come to find out, she still lives in Southern California, but she was sight seeing with a friend that had moved to Wisconsin 6 years ago.  Sadly, I found out that my old friend (mother of 4) lost her husband 3 years ago at a very young age.  After all these years, I never once could connect with her in California, but states apart we finally rekindle a friendship that I thought I had lost forever.  This was a meant to be moment that will never be forgotten!  It truly is a small world!

Thanks to Donna for sharing that great story.

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