kcbloom2007-08-20photoadultfishing-webres.jpg This photo comes to us from K.C. of Athens, Georgia. K.C. writes:

“While on a family vacation this July on Lake Charlevoix (Boyne City), I did something I do every summer – fish with my uncle. This year, however, I did something different. I decided to take my dog down to the dock with me to hang out with us while we fished. My dog, Aldo, is a smart dog who loves to be outside and generally can pick up new commands fairly quickly. He did something I’ve never seen another dog do however. He learned how to fish! That is, not how to fish like us humans fish, but how to read a bobber and understand that when bobbers go down, a fish is close to coming up and with that is the excitement of the catch. This photo illustrates his prowess at reading the bobber while sitting at my uncle’s feet out on the dock.”

Thanks, K.C., for sharing your photo with us!

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