Fearless Fox

judithjewell2007-08-18photoadultfox-webres.JPG This photo comes to us from Judith of Indian River, Michigan. She writes:

“I have recently acquired the wish to take wildlife photographs. During one of my travels I was lucky enough to run across this fox that has been venturing into Indian River several times. It was traveling down the old railroad grade that is now used for snowmobiling. I was curious as to why this shy yet intriguing animal would take the chance to be discovered in the city limits, especially during the daylight hours with many cars passing by. To my amazement this gentle and shy fox had no fears of being among the people who were driving and living in the town. Maybe this town was the place that the fox took refuse and was able to locate food that would be an easy meal to eat, instead of searching for endless hours in the wilderness. I knew that this fox would be the one that would make my life’s dream of photography come true because he gave me the chance to capture the beauty of wildlife photography.”

Thanks Judith, for sharing this photo with us.

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