Endless Beauty

This story come to us from Darshan in Fennnville, Mich., in the general category.

The gentle breeze slowly ran its fingers through my hair, as I ran and danced in the soft, silky sand. I was so young, just a little girl, but I enjoyed every second I had near the water. My mother would take me to the beach, a place that we could enjoy every bit of nature that surrounded us. Sometimes I would stand at the shoreline listening to, and watching the rumbling, rushing waves. They were so loud that and powerful, and yet they were gentle as they swept over my feet.

As I grew up, I experienced storms rolling across the beautiful, calm lake. I was always amazed at how quickly the ‘calm’ can turn. Life can be a lot like that, everything looks and feels calm, then unexpectedly a huge storm rolls in. Even through life’s storms, I would take time to visit the lake, to take a walk to clear my head, or just sit quietly, observing my surroundings. No matter how hard the rains were falling or the wind was blowing in my life’s storm, I always left the lake with a sense of peace and a renewed hope.

Through the years I have become extremely attached to the lake. I love to visit the water and take in all that it is giving: beauty, peace and strength. It is almost like the lake has a personality and each day it expresses a different side of itself. I love and respect the lake. It has captured my heart and caused me to focus on photography as a way to share its magnificent beauty with so many others, it has been my inspiration.

Years come and go, months pass by, and days are left behind us, but one thing that will always remain is the rushing waves crashing upon the shoreline, the peaceful, gentle lakeside wind sweeping through my hair, and the fireball sun leaving me speechless as it sets upon the deep blue lake waters. It’s amazing, it’s breath-taking, it is purely endless beauty.

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