Detroit River Sturgeon

This fishing story comes to us from Tom in Westland, Mich., who writes:

Three years ago we were fishing on the Detroit River for walleye. We were almost done for the day. Tom got a knot in his line and did not fix it for this was the last drift of the day. Then he got a bite. He knew it was not a walleye. For the first few moments he thought it was just a big old carp, for it felt larger than a walleye. After a few he realized it was something else and bringing in this fish would take some patience, for he was using 6 pound test line. We could see from the shore line that the boat was being pulled by the fish. We watched the knot in the line go up and down and up and down. After about 45 minutes he had worked the fish to the top of the water. When I went to net the fish I scooped the line out of its mouth, but Tom quickly grabbed the net and was still able to net the fish and got it into the boat. It was 49 3/4 inches. It was a young sturgeon. Of course we were unable to keep it for they are endangered. Since then he has caught one more in the same area, this one was large and on 4 pound test line…that is some fishing. We are glad through conservation that the sturgeon is becoming more common in the Detroit River.

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One Response to Detroit River Sturgeon

  1. Chris Tucker says:

    I live in Tampa now, but as a young boy I fished the Detroit River near Bob Lo Island with my Grandpa.
    I watched my Grandpa hook, and land a 48 inch Sturgeon back in 1969.
    I wanted to keep it, to show my friends, but Grandpa Alessi was not about to kill a fish that big.
    He talked to it in Italian, as he let it go.
    I will never forget that.