This story comes to us from Patricia from Muskegon, Michigan.


There is nothing better than a day at Muskegon State Park!  My eyes never tire of beautiful Lake Michigan…its waves seem to be coming up to greet me as I step out of my car.  The warm sugar sand massages the souls of my feet as I walk to my favorite spot down by the water.  The marvelous, massive beach always excites me with its waves, water, and sand.  There is an abundance of space and energy to delight the senses of each person lucky enough to be here on this warm summer day.

Every day the beach offers a different personality to its guests!  Today it is windy…big waves crashing on the shore in a rhythmic harmony calm my soul, breathing new life everywhere.  The warmth of the sun caresses my body as I hug the mattress of sand under my beach blanket.  The wind is like a giant cooling fan as it hurries to push the waves to shore, creating an artwork of ripples on the sand, making all things new!  Another day the beach might show a gentler side, with whispering breezes and calm water; but each day is truly special and amazing!

The seagulls stand together regally, as gathered for an important event.  Then, simultaneously they take flight…offering a free air show for all who are near.

The shoreline beckons to me; a walk down the beach is in order.  I let the waves tickle my toes as I stroll along the water’s edge.  The warm water glistens in the sunlight…I feel as if I have stepped into a glorious painting!  As I continue my trek, magnificent sand dunes appear, giving me a sense of awe!  How far have I walked?  Never far enough to get my fill of the spectacular beauty which surrounds me!

I read, doze, and meditate…receiving the wonder of this place before the sun’s low position on the horizon signals to me that I must leave…

This get-away; this mini-vacation offers a welcome respite from the daily demands of home!  Like a faithful friend, the Lake Michigan beach waits patiently…always there to share its gifts of natural beauty; its sights and sounds that I am so fortunate to partake in!  Only ten minutes from home, I am truly blessed to live so near this treasure.  I’ll be back tomorrow…as the beach calls to me, once again!

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