A Lake Erie Birthday

dennisdarling2007-08-20storyadultfishingwebresolution.JPGThis story and accompanying photo come to us from Dennis Darling of Warsaw, Ohio. He writes:

This is my story of my birthday, fishing at Lake Erie. My wife and sister thought it would be a good adventure for all of us to make a trip to Lake Erie. And when I say all of us I mean myself, my wife, my sister and 6 (yes, 6) kids! My wife and sister have no idea the first thing about fishing besides taking pictures of all the fish caught. So… that left me to help 6 kids fish. What I thought was going to be a relaxing, lazy day fishing turned into to be more work than going to work. First the hike there, I had 6 fishing poles, a net, bait and tackle that I was carrying while the 6 kids and my wife and sister found all the “pretty seashells”. We finally got there, me already tired and hot, but not the seashell hunters they were still energized and eager. We are now on the rock wall, I again the only one who knows how to tie and bait the fishing rigs was busy once again while the 6 kids, my wife and sister took pictures and squealed everytime a big boat would come by. Which everyone knows will scare the fish away. Now on to the fishing, keeping 6 lines in the water while making sure every kid has a turn to reel a fish in is nearly impossible. One of my daughters caught a fish, while she was reeling another line hit. I thought she should be able to handle the reeling until I looked over and she had reeled the fish all the way up the top eye, practically turning the poor little perch inside out! With this in mind I made the decision we will now take turns with only 2 poles. Once all the kids had caught their fill of fish, and the million pictures, yea everyone was ready to go back to the beach. The only thing I caught was a sore back and a nice red sunburn. But in the end, it was all worth while to see all 6 (yes, 6) kids having fun and catching fish. However, my next birthday I have decided to take a charter boat by myself. Happy fishing from Lake Erie!

Thanks for the story and photo, Dennis. Glad you had a fun birthday with your family!

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  1. Penn Reel says:

    Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from… 🙂