Great Lakes United is asking people to sign a petition to stop inadequately regulated ocean-going vessels from entering the Great Lakes. You can sign it at www.saltfreelakes.org, where you can also find a link to transportation research by Grand Valley State University demonstrating that logistically, a moratorium would be very possible.

Here’s the petition if you just can’t stand one more mouse click:

“We the undersigned call for a moratorium on ocean vessel access into the Great Lakes until protective ballast water regulations are enforced in the United States and Canada. We do not accept that the Great Lakes must be invaded by damaging species and diseases, at a rate of one new species detected every 28 weeks, while regulations continue to be developed. We cannot accept that the health and well-being of the Great Lakes and lake-dependent industries and communities be threatened by consequences of ocean-vessel access to the Great Lakes when viable transportation alternatives exist. We urge that these transportation alternatives be utilized until ocean-vessels demonstrate that their ballast discharges will meet a protective standard.”

There it is. Now go sign it.

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