Sucks to be You (Quagga Mussel Detected Out West)

The National Park Service is reporting that the quagga mussel—notorious of the zebra mussel—has been discovered in Lake Mead. This invasion is going to turn Western states’ world upside-down. My sincere condolences.

Quaggas were first introduced into North American freshwaters by ocean-going ships moving cargo in the Great Lakes. There are other invaders that may be able to spread inland: zebra mussels are on the heels of this invasion and the Eurasian ruffe, an invasive fish brought into the Great Lakes by ocean-ships, could cause serious problems if they make it out West.

It’s time that lawmakers in our nation’s capital understand what we have known for years: Invasive species in the Great Lakes are not just a problem for the region, they are a problem for the nation.

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