Invasive Species Wreaking Havoc on Lake Erie Fishery

Two radio spots from WOSU in Ohio detail how invasive species are wreaking havoc on Lake Erie and its fishery, which generates millions for the state’s economy annually.

In “Alien fish bully Lake Erie bass,” Elsa Youngsteadt reports on how the round goby is harming the Lake Erie bass fishery. She reports: “Winslow studies the goby’s interaction with smallmouth bass, whose numbers declined when the goby arrived.”

In another story, Marcus Woo delves into how the zebra mussel is contributing to the return of algae blooms and the Dead Zone. In his report, “Scientists Combat Algal Blooms,” Woo reports:

“These dead zones harm the ecology of the lake, and in particular, dead zones destroy fish habitats. Culver says the loss of fish habitats hurts sport fishing, one of Lake Erie’s major industries.

“’It’s been shown that there’s a multi-million dollar impact of sport fishing on the people living around the lake, because it’s such a good fishing lake,’ says Culver.”

The reports serve as a good reminder that it’s time to shut the door on invasive species.

 Congress has stalled for several years. Let’s hope that when they return in September, they can pass strong legislation to protect our lakes, our public health, our economy and our way of life.

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