Supreme Court Are Talking Carp

The Supreme Court will meet this Friday and discuss whether or not to hear the case Michigan has brought (with the support of six other GL states) to create a permanent separation between the Mississippi River and Great Lakes Basins. We should know something as early as Monday.

Michigan renewed its request for an injunction to close the locks and to reopen an old lawsuit over Illinois waterway practices based on new evidence. When the Supreme Court ruled against closing the locks in January it did so without knowledge that Asian carp DNA had been found in Lake Michigan’s Calumet Harbor.

There is some reason to hope that the Supreme Court would appoint a special master to reopen the century old case. A special master has expertise in the subject and would make a recommendation to the courts.

Every Great Lakes state but Illinois is in on this lawsuit, although Indiana isn’t calling for lock closure without more study, and that makes it difficult for the Supreme Court to remain uninvolved.

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