Stop the Carp: In Unison GL Commission Calls for Separation of Basins

The Great Lakes Commission – including Illinois – unanimously approved a resolution calling for Congress and the US Army Corps of Engineers to establish ecological separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds as the long-term strategy to keep the carp out of the Lakes.

HOW Co-Chair Andy Buchsbaum called the resolution “a very strong step forward in promoting actions needed to stop the Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.”

This historic move urges Congress to give the Corps authority and funding to finish up the study of ecological separation. The resolution also calls for quickening the timetable for operating the electronic barrier at full blast and creating structures to prevent the carp from flooding from the Des Plaines River into the canal.

The resolution was approved at the Commission’s Semiannual Meeting in Washington DC. The meeting is in conjunction with the Healing Our Waters Coalition’s Washington meeting. The Commission is made up of the eight Great Lakes states, Ontario and Quebec.

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