Rahm Emanuel Heads to Chicago with Asian Carp

The worst kept secret in the nation was confirmed today when the president announced that Rahm Emanuel would be leaving the White House to run for the coveted office of mayor of Chicago. As a parting gift, the staff gave him a dead Asian carp which is so hilarious it should bring Great Lakes lovers to tears (of sadness).

Black humor aside, if Emanuel succeeds in his bid for mayor it can be expected that he will be an advocate in the battle against the carp. Emanuel was said to be obsessed after the fish appeared just miles from Lake Michigan. We can only hope he will make the carp a priority if he wins the race.

As we have stated before, the best solution is a long term one that involves separating the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins. The Great Lakes Commission and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative are progressing on a study of the best way to do this so that our economy and ecology are enhanced at the same time that we stop the fish from overrunning the lakes.

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