White House Puts Asian Carp Summit Off Until February

Yesterday, HOW learned from the White House that they would welcome a meeting with the Great Lakes Governors to discuss the Asian carp threat, but last night E&E News reported that such a meeting wouldn’t happen before February.

After the US Supreme Court failed to invoke an injunction forcing the closure of the locks, and more Asian Carp eDNA was found in the mouth of Lake Michigan, Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Gov. James Doyle of Wisconsin asked the White House for an immediate meeting on the topic. In response, White House CEQ Nancy Sutley wrote a letter recommending a February meeting “to discuss strategy to combat the spread of Asian carp and ensure coordination and the most effective response across all levels of government to respond to this threat.”

So, what about the words: urgent, crisis, imminent threat doesn’t the White House understand? While we are grateful that the White House recognizes this is important enough to hold a meeting, it needs to be held today, yesterday even. President Obama can put a stop to this threat whenever he wishes. He is unlikely to close the locks (since his administration sided with Illinois on this in the courts), but he could call for a permanent separation of the basins. Perhaps he can be persuaded by the Great Lakes Governors. It has been said that this President likes to consider all aspects of a problem and even has staffers take various positions and debate in front of him to help him make decisions. So, Mr. President, lets have a good, old fashioned debate over the best solutions to solving this problem before it is too late. I can pretty much guarantee that the Asian carp will not win – they are bad for the ecosystem and very bad for the economy. Please do something before it is too late.

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