You Can Make a Difference

You can play an important role in restoring the Great Lakes.

Public support has been instrumental in pushing elected officials to craft a solid plan to restore the Great Lakes by stopping sewage contamination, preventing invasive species and restoring habitat for fish and wildlife.

You have made a difference in the past, and you can do so again.

Get involved and stay involved. Your participation is needed now more than ever to help restore the Great Lakes, because the longer we wait, the worse they will get.

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57 Responses to You Can Make a Difference

  1. Dave says:

    I would like to obtain any free hand-out material that you have on saving our waters. If this is available, I would like about 150 Copies. This will be handed out to boaters in the Southern Colorado Area(Eleven Mile Reservoir, Lake Pueblo, Etc.).

    Please contact me via e.Mail regarding my request.