Promote the Great Lakes Restoration Presidential Candidate Letter Campaign

Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives is proud to host a letter campaign to encourage the Presidential candidates to support the Great Lakes Restoration Strategy. Please consider including the campaign on your Web site, in emails, in newsletters, on your blog or any other way you can get the word out.

To make this easier we offer a few ideas.

1) You can link to the survey hosted on the Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives Web site:

2) You can place the petition to appear under your Web site design with the following code:

<iframe src="" width="710" height="1100" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" name="Great Lakes Presidential Candidate Petition">View the petition outside of an iframe <A href="" target=_blank>here</a></iframe>

3) You can place a badge like the one displayed here on your site that links to the petition hosted on the Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives Web site with the code listed below the image.

Great Lakes Restoration Strategy Presidential Candidate Petition

<a href=""><img src= "" border ="0" alt="Great Lakes Restoration Presidential Candidate Petition" title="Great Lakes Restoration Presidential Candidate Petition" name="Great Lakes Presidential Candidate Petition"></a>

Your assistance in driving action by the candidates is appreciated. Together we will make a difference.

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