Make a Call for the Great Lakes Today!

Your US House Member and US Senator need to hear from you today. We need you to contact them and tell them how important President Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is for the entire region’s economy and ecology. Tell your Congressperson that you expect to see his/her name on the House or Senate letter showing support for this budget initiative. We need to let our delegation know that we are watching and expecting action! After you call or email – if you have time – please comment on this thread and let us know what you heard from your Congress person’s office. Thanks!

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One Response to Make a Call for the Great Lakes Today!

  1. jean butler says:

    Torch Lake in Houghton county Mi is has 4 feet of mine tailing in the water.
    The sand banks were covered but there is so much smelting waste still leaching into the water.
    This was delisted after the sand banks were covered but nothing was done to the water.
    Our children are swiming in this filth as the towns built beaches on the lake.
    The EPA and the Health Dept know what is ib there but the do nothing.
    Just put Torch Lake clean up in a search and it will tell you all that is in the soil and water.
    This lake flows into the Portage Cannel
    then on into Lake Superior.
    It is a shame that the people that own land on this lake could have it removed from one of the EPA’s hot spots.
    I don’t think me writing this will help. I have also called any one i thought was interested but nothing is done.
    jean butler hubbell mi
    906 296 0540
    Feel free to call me any time