EPA Seeks Public Input on Health of Waters

The US Environmental Protection Agency has set up a web forum for two-weeks where the public can weigh in on how to better manage our most significant water pollution problems. The online feedback will inform the discussion at the EPA’s April conference: Coming Together for Clean Water.

“This online discussion is for anyone who wants to share their best solutions for restoring healthy waters and creating sustainable communities across the country,” states Peter Silva, assistant administrator in the Office of Water.

They are looking for input from professionals, advocates and anyone in the public interested in clean water issues.

To join the discussion: http://blog.epa.gov/waterforum/

If you have trouble with the link then copy and past this URL into your browser:

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2 Responses to EPA Seeks Public Input on Health of Waters

  1. Tim Rex says:

    Lets start by stopping the invasion of Asian Carp into Michigan fresh waters. They can damage not only the eco system but our fishing and out door industry as well.

    Lets start by making municipalities more responsible for not properly managing our drinking water supplies and how they are treated. I currently pay top dollar for water that Bay City Michigan says may be hazardous to my health after prolonged exposure.

    We need to create a ZERO TOLERANCE for overrun and discharge into natural waterways. Untreated sewage is definitely a problem as it creates bacterial growth in water and can be dangerous to human contact and has negative effects on the eco system. Put the sewage treatment plants further away from natural water resources so that when overflow does occur it can be filters by soil and other natural filtration processes. Perhaps create an area around the Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants the consist of a natural filtration process like several surrounding acres of cat tails.

    Build the retention base so that if they do overflow the cat tails can filter the unprocessed sewage.

    Need to be stricter on municipalities like Bay City, Saginaw; and Midland and Flint Michigan when they continually overflow into the Saginaw a River and Tittabawassee Rivers. Currently the face little or no fines when overrun occurs.

    Michigan EPA and DEQ do not address this issue firm enough. They go after a small dairy farmer for discharge a few hundred gallons of sewage into a ditch but never fine the above mentioned cities.

    Tim Rex
    Bay City Michigan

  2. nothing is being done about human wastw coming down the Saginaw river after a rain or heavy melt you can see human waste turds an tiolet paper flowing down stream.The local deq an epa will not respond.The city of Bay City sent out letters to residents last fall stating we drank partly treated water for 2 an 1/2 months last summer because the water was to poultided to treat.