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January 13th 2010

Sen. Dick Durban’s Chicago Asian Carp Summit Uninspired

Let’s let Congress address the Asian Carp threat to Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes economy and ecosystem – that was Sen. Dick Durban’s (D-Ill) suggestion at a news conference at the Shed Aquarium in Chicago. An array of Illinois … Continue reading

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October 23rd 2009

Clean Water Act Revamp?

After what is likely to become an award winning series on the failure of the Clean Water Act to meet its goals, the New York Times produced an editorial calling for some significant changes to the nearly 40-year-old act. The … Continue reading

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October 13th 2009

James Oberstar to Hold CWRA Hearing Thursday

Building upon momentum inspired by the New York Times story about the appalling state of our nation’s waters, the US Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is going to hold a hearing on October 15 entitled: The Clean Water Act after 37 … Continue reading

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September 14th 2009

The Failure of the Guardians and Enforcers of the Clean Water Act

The New York Times Sunday paper makes a compelling argument for the Clean Water Restoration Act. Their reporting found that in the last five years, violations of water pollution laws have been violated more than half-a-million times leaving people vulnerable … Continue reading

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February 3rd 2009

First Things First

We’d like to thank you Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Patty Murray (D-WA) for offering an amendment to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that will increase the amount of money our nation spends to update our anachronistic sewer and drinking … Continue reading

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