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November 11th 2010

Great Lakes Programs Need Champions in New Congress

Republicans and a handful of Tea Party candidates were swept into office last week, promising to cut federal spending and scale back the size of the federal government. Candidates pledged to wield the budget scythe to eliminate earmarks. Several beltway … Continue reading

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March 4th 2009

Sen. Gillibrand “on message” for the Great Lakes

Here is a link to a North Country Public Radio story about President Obama’s commitment to Great Lakes Restoration that we understand will be airing on the NPR show Living On Earth. What struck me most about this story was … Continue reading

February 11th 2009

With a Little Bit of Blooming Luck

It’s too late to get economic stimulus money to help restore the ecosystem in the Great Lakes, and it is too late to send funds for jobs to clean up toxic hot spots. But it isn’t too late to do … Continue reading

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January 13th 2009

It’s a Fact

It is a fact that recreational boating is responsible for supporting 60,000 Great Lakes jobs – that is a $9 billion impact on the economy, according to a recent bipartisan report issued by the Army Corps of Engineers. These are … Continue reading

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November 24th 2008

Michigan’s Ballast Law Passes another Test

It looks more and more like Michigan’s spunky ballast law is here to stay. Last week, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the shipping group’s challenge to the 2005 law that requires Salties to obtain a permit to use … Continue reading

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