What a deal: $246,000 restores miles of trout stream

The Conservation Resource Alliance in northern Michigan has proven yet again that restoring the Great Lakes is a  bargain.

The Alliance recently removed a dam on a creek in northern Michigan and, in the process, restored natural conditions in seven miles of a once-thriving trout stream. The cost of this very significant project, funded in part by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, was $246,000.

That’s a significant chunk of change, but it’s a relative pittance when you consider the ecological and economic values of a healthy trout stream.

Removing the Wheeler Creek dam will increase the trout population, reduce soil erosion and liberate a stretch of water that was harnessed by concrete structures for close to two centuries. The project will also restore the creek’s natural relation to its receiving water: The Manistee River, which is a major tributary of Lake Michigan.

Wheeler Creek is flowing free again after an obsolete dam was removed. (Conservation Resource Alliance photo)

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