Removing wood waste will restore St. Louis River estuary

The first phase of a $2.4 million project to clean up sawmill waste in the St. Louis River estuary, in Duluth, Minn., removed 146 tons of wood waste and 250 derelict wood pilings from the bay. By 2014, the project will remove more than 40,000 tons of wood waste that sawmills discarded in the estuary in the late 1800s and early 1900s, restore the bay’s natural depth and create 40 acres of new fish and wildlife habitat.

The St. Louis River is a major tributary of Lake Superior and its estuary is one of the most productive biological zones in the lake’s basin. The cleanup, funded in part by  the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, is expected to bolster fish populations and improve public access to the bay. Read more here.

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