Removing Invasive Plants Restores Habitat at Times Beach

Located at the confluence of the Niagara River, the Buffalo River, and Lake Erie, Times Beach is a focal point for migrating birds and pollinators seeking food, shelter, and breeding grounds. The site contains a wide range of habitat types that support many different species: a pond hosts waterfowl and herons; seasonal mudflats attract migratory shorebirds; while upland meadows and forests provide additional resources and canopy habitat. Unfortunately, this vital ecosystem has been significantly altered by decades of human activity. Due to its convenient location near both the Buffalo River and Buffalo Harbor, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began dumping dredged materials at Times Beach in the mid-1960s. Dumping foreign materials facilitated the spread of invasive plants throughout Times Beach, displacing the native plants that birds and wildlife rely on and causing a significant decline in species diversity throughout Times Beach. Now thanks to a grant from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a coalition of local governments, citizens groups, and the Army Corps of Engineers have partnered to remove invasive plants from Times Beach and restore its natural ecology. Read more here.

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