No longer endangered, Lake Erie watersnake is thriving

The Lake Erie watersnake recently became just the 23rd species to be taken off the federal Endangered Species list.

Found only on Lake Erie’s islands, the watersnake was driven to the brink of extinction in the 1990s by residents who considered it a nuisance. Residents killed thousands of the snakes and destroyed much of its habitat.

An intense effort to restore the watersnake’s habitat and educate the public about its role in the ecosystem of Lake Erie’s islands nurtured the snake’s population back to nearly 12,000 animals.

The Lake Erie watersnake population on the Lake Erie islands has recovered to nearly 12,000 animals.An intense public education campaign and habitat restoration efforts restored the watersnake's population to nearly 12,000 animals. That recovery allowed the watersnake to join the bald eagle, American alligator and peregrine falcon as imperiled species that recovered to the extent that they were no longer considered endangered under federal law.

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