Indiana Stormwater Basin Naturalized for Improved Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat

The City of Valparaiso, Ind. constructed a detention basin to collect and redirect stormwater from over 330 acres, most of which are highly developed or residential. Heavy rains wash the pesticides, fertilizer, sediment, and other pollutants used on these lands into the basin, but the basin was not designed to treat contaminated stormwater before redirecting it into the watershed. This sediment and nutrient loading has adversely impacted the water quality and aquatic habitats of the Salt Creek watershed; parts of it have even become contaminated with harmful E. coli bacteria that can cause illness in people and animals. Thanks to a grant from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Save the Dunes and the City of Valparaiso have partnered to naturalize and retrofit the Thorgren Basin to treat stormwater and enhance wildlife habitat. Read more here.

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