Presidential Candidate Support for Great Lakes Restoration Must Lead to Funding

Statement by Jeff Skelding, national campaign director,
Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, on release of
Sen. Barack Obama’s Great Lakes Restoration Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 16, 2008)—“The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition welcomes the attention that Great Lakes restoration is generating from both major party presidential candidates, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.

“The release of Senator Obama’s plan indicates that the presidential candidates are getting serious about Great Lakes restoration. We look forward to the candidates trying to outdo each other on who is going to stand up for the millions of people, businesses and communities who rely on the Great Lakes 365 days a year.

“Sen. Obama’s proposal puts meat on the bones to the pledge both candidates made in December to restore the Great Lakes.

“The Great Lakes are a national icon that is the foundation of our regional economy, and the source of our drinking water, health and way of life.

“Our position has been, and will continue to be, that the next president needs to take decisive action to confront the serious threats facing the Great Lakes before the problems get worse and more costly. This support should include fully funding in five years the comprehensive effort to restore the Great Lakes, as delay will only exacerbate the problems and cost American taxpayers more money.”

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition consists of more than 100 zoos, aquariums, museums, and hunting, fishing and environmental organizations representing millions of people, whose common goal is to restore and protect the Great Lakes. The coalition is nonpartisan and does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates.

For Immediate Release:
September 16, 2008

Jeff Skelding, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, (202) 797-6893,

Jordan Lubetkin, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, (734) 904-1589,

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