What does a Bush and a Frog Have in Common?

President George W. Bush and Kermit the Frog shared a theme song that President-Elect Barack Obama probably doesn’t even know the words to – no, while Bush and Kermit find it’s not easy being green, Obama’s only problem seems to be which shade to embrace – chartreuse, perhaps?

While Bush support seemed to be more of the dine and dash variety – all for Great Lakes restoration until the bill showed up – Obama campaigned head on promising billions to restore the lakes while creating jobs.

The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Hawthorne writes that Chicago’s Howard Learner of the Environmental Law and Policy Center is a favorite for one of the nation’s top environmental jobs. Now add Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel -tireless voice for the Great Lakes – to the mix, and dare we hope for real progress on our agenda in the next four years. Perhaps, aqua is the best shade of green for Obama and his future administration…only time will tell.

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