Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Hear ye, hear ye, the Great Lakes Compact is law. With one fell swoop of his pen, President George Bush sealed the deal on our eight-state-two-nation compact.

While some argued that the Compact moved to swiftly through the ratification process, Gov. Jim Doyle pointed out that it took years to forge the pact – ten to be exact. “After years of negotiating and building support for this interstate compact, we now have a defined legal framework to protect the waters that define us,” Doyle stated.

The whole thing started ten years ago when our region was outraged that a Canadian businessman would try to ship Lake Superior’s water to fresh water starved Asia. Five years of negotiation followed and culminated in the great Milwaukee summit of 2005 when new rules were set to prevent large scale water diversions from the Great Lakes, reports Dan Egan in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Finally, there is a legal framework – a Christmas Tree upon which to hang our restoration ornaments –so let’s hope that we can finally finish the work of restoration while protecting our drinking water at the same time.

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